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***FAN ART COMPETITION!!!*** @ December 20th, 2009, 3:35 pm

from now until jan. 18th mookey blaylock and i will be holding a FAN ART COMPETITION. the winning piece will be shown on the site and a link to whatever website they want will be posted. (their webcomic, deviant art page, etc.) the winner will also receive a personalized piece of improv comic memorabilia! which you could prolly sell on ebay for like a hundred million no monies. yay!

entries should be sent to and must be received by midnight jan. 17th. the entries can be anything you want in any medium you want as long as it includes at least one improv comics character.

ok thanks bye.

-m. allred

p.s. the deadline originally said the 10th, but i meant to say the 17th. sorry. 0.0

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whare it's going. @ October 12th, 2009, 9:22 pm

so, i'm trying to branch out here. the comic should be funny, but it's also going to tell a real story. ya'll won't EVEN FRICKIN' BELIEVE WHARE I'M GONNA TAKE THIS THANG! i hope that you (the readers) appreciate that. i may even move into having more than for panels, i dunno. and seriously, i won't use that goose thing as a punch line again, so quit sending me envelopes of anthrax.

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people coming and people going. @ October 7th, 2009, 3:10 pm

so, i've seen there have been a lot of hits on the site recently. this excites me but also bothers me. i wish i could know what every person thinks as they come and go. do they like the comic? do they like the characters? the art? if not, why not? if so, why so? what makes people want to come back? what makes people want to send a person hate mail? what is the surest path to true love? these and other obnoxious questions haunt me. i guess in short, what i am saying is: leave more comments, good and bad. rate the comics honestly. this relationship will never last if we can't learn to communicate. c'mon baby, err...babies? don't leave me guessing.

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hang on folks! @ October 2nd, 2009, 1:35 am

hey, ya'll, just wanted you to know that i have created the next few comics already, and man. they are SO GREAT. woot! so, i'm just askin' ya'll to hang on for me!!

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